Benefiting From an Oil and Gas Royalty


Do you own property in Colorado, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia or Wyoming? According to the United States Minerals Management Service and the United States Department of Energy, these states have the highest amount of actively producing gas and oil wells. If you live in one of these or any other state, you may be able benefit financially from an oil and gas royalty. With most if not all of the large oil fields within the continental United States and offshore having been located and utilized, energy companies are increasingly relying on smaller production wells creating an opportunity for you to benefit financially from an oil and gas royalty. Oil and gas royalties are payments made from an oil exploration company to an individual property owner or group of investors who are compensated due to the extraction of oil and/or gas from their land(s). This leaves the risky burden to the energy companies to explore for and extract oil and/or gas from the land without requiring them to purchase the land outright, similar to a lease.

The energy sector is increasingly turning to private property owners to help assist in domestic energy production. In 2009 1,938,128 barrels of oil worth approximately $137,000,000.00 were produced in the United States. If every single barrel of oil produced in 2009 was assumed to have an oil and gas royalty rate of an average of %12, the industry average - private individuals leasing the production of oil on private lands would have earned approximately $11,400,000.00, more than 11 million dollars (approximately the GDP of Jamaica). The benefit of this arrangement is that the oil and gas royalty transfers the risk of oil and gas location and extraction from the land owner of nominal means to the larger oil and gas location and extraction company which is better equipped to deal with the bigger risks associated with such a venture.

In the case of the potential oil/gas deposit being located on or under government land, an arrangement is typically made whereas the typical industry-standard amount is paid to a government agency acting on behalf of the taxpayer however the rate falls under Federal jurisdiction under this circumstance. If you believe that your property is a potential oil/gas source, it's recommended that you seek legal counsel immediately in order to safeguard your financial and property interests. While lucrative, oil and gas royalties are complex agreements requiring the legal advice and direction that only a trained lawyer can offer.

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